My ambition 1=Geologist

My first ambition is to be THE GEOLOGIST! No I’m just kidding, my ambition is to be a normal geologist.  It is very easy to be a geologist, IT’S HARD in the hot sun, working for hours.  Oh, I forgot to introduce myself.  My name is Elyas.  I live in Malaysia.I am 15 years old.


16 thoughts on “My ambition 1=Geologist

  1. Good luck! I became a geologist long ago and never regretted the decision. It’s a gateway to understanding so much of what lies around us. My only advice is to keep a broad view on everything, no matter whether you specialize in one area or not.

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  2. Hello! Nice to meet you.. My husband and I love to collect rocks. There are several rivers near by and sometimes we just look for rocks. So interesting and fun and they are free…


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