Some of the famous Geologist

Let me tell you the first ten FAMOUS geologist:

  1. James Hutton
  2. Charles Darwin
  3. William Smith
  4. Alfred Wegener
  5. Louis Agassiz
  6. Charles Lyell
  7. Walter Alvarez
  8. Florence Bascom
  9. Grove Karl Gilbert
  10. Otto Wilhelm Hermann Von Abich

The last one looks like it is weird name but he is FAMOUS!.  I really hope I am one of it.


2 thoughts on “Some of the famous Geologist

  1. Rather than just list, your post would be more complete with a little information about each (time in which they lived, contributions to science, link to more info about them, etc.) that you know. It is good to list, but many of us (like me) are not geologists! Stay true to your dream, learn what you can about it, share with others, and make that dream come true. 😀

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